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When the Chemotherapy drug enters your system it cannot tell the difference between a cancer cell and a healthy cell: the only thing it recognises is how fast cells are growing and as hair is the fastest growing thing on our bodies the Chemotherapy drug thinks your hair may be a cancer; this is why we loose our hair.

Atelier Hair and Wigs offer a service for cutting hair short or a head shave before Chemotherapy, this is a free service.

Massaging your head with natural oils can encourage hair growth and hair will usually grow back within 3 months of the last Chemotherapy session.

Washing hair with shampoo that contains rosemary is said to encourage hair growth, however there are no conclusive studies to prove this.

Should you wish to colour your hair once it is long enough, please feel free to pop in and speak to our qualified stylists at Atelier Hair and Wigs for further information.

Eye brows and eye lashes may come out during Chemotherapy too, you can use false eye lashes,such as Lure from Boots: you may also want to pencil in your eye brows.

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