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Wig Care

Wig Care

1: Brush the wig thoroughly using a wire pinned brush, as this will not tear the wig

2: Put a small bit of Wig Shampoo into a bowl of cold water. Swish the wig gently around for three minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

3: Gently shake off the excess moisture from the wig, and then blot dry using a towel.

4: Whilst the wig is damp - spray on the conditioner. Do not rinse out, this will restore the freshness.

5: Place the wig onto an open plastic drying frame to dry naturally. Do not brush the wig until completely dry.

6: When brushing the wig, hold the base part of the area you are brushing.

7: Avoid exposure to heat at all times. This includes:

Heating Units Blow Dryers
Heated Irons/Rollers/Tongs Hot Ovens and BBQ's

8: To complete the style further, use a wig spray or wig silk spray.


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